Christmas Wishes

For those who celebrate Christmas:

May you be surrounded by people you love, or at the very least, may you be awash in happy thoughts of those you love.

If it is (or has been) raining rather than snowing where you are, may the water serve as a symbol of birth and life.

May the children in your life be smiling today.

May you feel hopeful.

May you feel content.

May you feel comfort in your old traditions and excitement in the new.

For those who do not celebrate Chrismas:

May you enjoy the beauty of the lights on and in your friends’ and neighbors’ homes.

May you enjoy and embrace the sentiments of peace on Earth and good will toward men (and may the term “men” apply to all humanity).

May you enjoy a brief break from the normal hustle and bustle of daily life.

For those who are working today:

May you feel satisfied in knowing that you are helping others to enjoy their holiday by covering for them.

Healthcare workers, police officers, firefighters, and others whose work does not respect the calendar in any way – may you know deep down that your work both saves and touches the lives of not only those you serve directly, but of everyone whose lives are touched by those you serve.

Merry Christmas.

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