Warmer Winter Wandering

My family went on a lovely winter walk with the family of a high school friend of mine the other day.  We hiked along a woodsy fitness path as we chatted about old times, old friends, and old haunts, conversed with each other’s spouses, and appreciated the manifestation of DNA in action as we got to know young people who were each genetically half-childhood-friend.  We had a delightful time, but it was a bit chilly.  Luckily, there have been some convenient technological advances since my friend and I were kids. 

One of the more pleasant inventions is the air-activated hand warmer.  You can find them in sporting goods stores.  These nifty little packets stay warm for hours, and can be kept in little pockets in gloves/mittens meant to hold them, or they can be placed between a liner glove and an outer glove (don’t put them directly on your skin, since they get pretty warm, and could theoretically cause a burn).  They have ones for warming toes, too (with adhesive that sticks to the outside of your socks to hold them in place).

So crisp air, early nightfall, and sparkly snowflakes don’t have to be accompanied by frozen fingers and toes.   Stay outside a little longer with your friends.  Marvel at the fact that your oldest child is about the same age that you and your friend were when you first met.  Take the time to walk through the woods and back through time, as you remember the chilly winters of your childhood and who you were back then, as you reflect on who you have become, and as you appreciate the ability to do so without frostbite.

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