A Visit From Some Time to Sit

‘Twas the evening of Christmas and all through the house

The fam’ly was scattered – parents, children and spouse.

Two of the boys played piano duets

While the third read a book and arranged the chess set.


My parents unwound with some reading online

As my husband and I shared a glass of red wine.

Our niece and two nephews, pure cuteness delight,

With my sis and her husband had left for the night.


A huge pot of soup cooled out back in the snow

To feed the whole clan for the next day or so.

The break in routine from our day-to-day rush

Provided our souls with a much-needed hush.


This gave me a moment to pause and reflect

On the stresses and beauty allowed to collect

In my mind, in my heart, in my thoughts every day,

As they sift and they settle as I make my way

Throught the wishes and worries that gel in my head

From my moment of waking ’till I crash in my bed.


As a mom, as a wife, as a daughter and sis,

As a doctor and writer how often I miss

Being able to stop and just breathe and let go

And allow swirling thoughts their own ebb, swell, and flow,

Since the normal M.O. is to force them to fit

Into times in the day I’ve a moment to sit.


Fleeting worries each day, some stay longer and bother –

The health of a friend, child, mother or father,

Or husband or in-law, sibling or client –

Small or vague symptoms could mean something giant.


So I think of potentially what could be worst

And try to eliminate scary stuff first

While keeping my voice steady, even, and calm

To avoid causing others a worry or qualm.


I use logic and numbers to quell my own fears

That otherwise might induce panic or tears,

And I shove down the worries inside my own mind

As I rush here and there so I won’t get behind.


But tonight there’s no practice, no lesson, no meeting,

No meet, and no concert with first-come, first-served seating.

And although there’s now time for a fear to float through,

There’s time and there’s space for the other thoughts, too.


No need to stop music to send kids to study.

Their sounds fill my soul, and the worries don’t muddy.

My parents and children together in laughter

Send trivial matters away ever after.


Mu husband, Superman, taking it in

By my side, with a chuckle and satisfied grin

As we contemplate all the events that transpired

In the previous months when we’ve been so darn tired:


Our youngest surpassed me in height as he grew.

Our eldest has chosen a college (Go Blue!).

Our middle one’s mastered the pulling of pranks.

We sit and let open the floodgates of thanks.


The laughter, the music, the sweetness flows through

In my head, in my heart, in my soul it shines, too.

My heart takes to wing as my spirit it lifts –

My life overflows with the most splendid gifts.

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