Jumpstart Your New Year’s Resolutions

If it’s important enough to you that you’re planning to start on January 1st, then it’s important enough to start right now and not wait another week.  Use this week of holiday and family time as a springboard, not as an excuse.  Resolved to increase your activity level in 2013?  Ask your sister to go for a walk with you.  Play outside with your nieces and nephews.  Get people to start along with you as you initiate new habits.

Planning to eat healthier?  You can start by bringing salad, roasted vegetables, and fruit to contribute to big holiday meals.  You’re unlikely to be the only person who would appreciate these options, and if you put a little more of these on your plate and a little less of the mashed potatoes, you’re already on your way to developing healthier eating practices.

“I’ll start after the holidays” is a way of saying that changes are only important enough to make if conditions are ideal and there are no temptations or roadblocks.  When you choose to make something a priority, finding ways to honor that priority in all circumstances is the trick to making it stick!


One thought on “Jumpstart Your New Year’s Resolutions

  1. Nancy Kaufman

    This is right on! You don’t always have to do everything ‘full speed ahead.’ Easing in to a new routine or diet regiment might be a better way to go for some. Start small, changing one aspect at a time could very well be the key to success at a healthier lifestyle.


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