Bigoted Refusal of Care is Deplorable

First, do no harm.

We don’t all recite the original Hippocratic Oath, but we all pledge to care for our patients. And we pledge first to do no harm.

The news broke this evening of a doctor in my state who refused to take care of a baby because her parents are lesbians.

I am beyond mortified that someone in my profession, and in my country and my state, would do something so hateful, so bigoted, so utterly disgusting.

How dare this woman.

How dare she.

If it were up to me, she would lose her medical license immediately.

I feel physically ill after reading this news report. I expect more from professionals. From doctors. From people who have pledged to care for humanity. From people who have pledged first to do no harm.

Regardless of whatever hateful laws are in place or being pushed into place, we physicians have a moral duty to care for people. We have a moral duty not to discriminate.

I am so disgusted that I have a hard time calling this woman a doctor. She disgraces the profession.

Bigotry is harmful.

There is no place for it in medicine.

That is all.

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